Creative Strategies for Marketing Your Startup on a Budget

online marketing for business

A business that does not market itself is as good as dead. This is true for all business in all phases of growth. At the startup level, both business risks and financial risks are high. This means that the business must engage in aggressive marketing strategies to make its products known in the market while reducing its overall expenditure. This can be tricky, considering that at this level, a business has limited financial resources. However, it is still possible for this business to market itself and grow tremendously. Here are a few creative strategies for marketing your startup on a budget.

Embrace online marketing

Although traditional marketing methods are also important, the future of business is said to be online. As a startup, you should align your activities with this trend. There are several ways in which a business can market itself online. Some of these methods include article marketing, press release distributions, and social media marketing, to name but a few. You should choose the most suitable method for your type of business. One advantage of online marketing is that in some cases, you can market your business for free. It also has a wider reach compared to traditional forms of marketing, considering that through the internet, the world is now a small village.

Combine SEO and SEM carefully

As you embrace online marketing, give special attention to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Both are good for a startup therefore you need a reliable SEO expert to work with. Work with an SEO agency that is specialized in local SEO in your business niche. However, you need to know which one of them will give you the results that you need in a short period. SEM allows you to post ads on Search Engine Results Pages. You are required to pay for every click on these ads. SEO, on the other hand, is concerned with making your site more visible online.

Both of these marketing methods generate traffic for your site. They are therefore important for growth. However, SEM is a short-term strategy while SEO is a long-term strategy. To fast-track the growth process, a startup should employ both strategies since they are complimentary. Focus on getting attentiononline marketing

Whatever marketing strategy you use, emphasize on grabbing the attention of the audience. In the past, businesses would be concerned with posting ads on various media. Whether or not these ads attracted the desired audience was not much of a concern. In today’s marketing world, the math has changed. Posting ads is not the problem. In fact, you can post ads for free on certain media.

The elephant in the room is how to ensure that these ads are viewed and liked by the target audience. Wait a minute. Viewing and liking are not enough. You should be concerned with the conversion rate. How many viewers and likers of your ads have become your customers? To answer this question, you will need to get the difference between an effective ad and a highly-noticeable one. On top of being highly noticeable, an ad should be effective in conveying the desired message to the prospective customers.